The Mediator


Divorce Mediation Services that help spouses facing varying circumstances feel satisfied with  reasonable agreements they reach together

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Since 1998 Ellie Tipton Ortiz has served thousands within the Orange County community through her legal assistance centers in Laguna Niguel and Laguna Beach. As a mediator she has helped couples find resolution, even when it seemed unattainable. 

Ellie’s mediation career was founded through helping couples who had "tried everything" to finalize their divorce. Through her work she found that couples who had divorces drag on for years and cost thousands of dollars in attorney fees were able to find resolution through mediation in a matter of days. Ellie’s diverse mediation success stories include families, celebrities, complex cases involving abuse, and those with estates valued at over one hundred million dollars. Her commitment to respectful communication and unwavering care for family are what fuel her attentive mediation practice which continues to help couples find resolution.


The Mediator