The Mediator


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Divorce Mediation Services that help spouses facing varying circumstances feel satisfied with  reasonable agreements they reach together
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The Mediator


$500 per month x 6 months  
 For $3,000 Total, you both receive Ellie's excellent mediation services and full assistance with all paperwork.

Ellie assists the divorcing couple in formulating ideas, which can eventually lead to agreements that will stand the test of time. Sometimes agreements come easy, and sometimes they take a lot of work. Generally, a mediator intervenes when agreements are hard to reach.

Specifically, Ellie fosters open communication between spouses to establish the same base of information, brainstorms ideas, ensures that expectations are realistic, nurtures empathy, and provides clarity within the decision-making process. Ellie’s compassionate approach formulates a respectful relationship between spouses that is beneficial to all those involved.