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The Mediator

The Mediator


Divorce Mediation Services that help spouses facing varying circumstances feel satisfied with  reasonable agreements they reach together


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Reaching a decision to divorce is an extremely stressful time.  During that time one is faced with the decision of legal counsel as well. Having selected Legal Assistance Center for divorce mediation was the best choice we made. All transactions ran smoothly and without failure from beginning to end. We left feeling well informed and confident in our decisions. I have since referred Ellie to several people and will use Ellie for all of my legal document needs. 
Sally G. San Clemente, Ca

...Ellie was very helpful and fair during our divorce. She kept everyone calm, explained our options very clearly, and the allowed the opportunity to get through the most difficult time in our lives. I could not ask for more...and all at a reasonable price. 

...I had been referred to Ellie by a colleague at work who had used her previously for her own divorce mediation. Ellie and Billie treated my ex-wife and myself in a friendly, but professional manner. They were careful not to show bias to either side. At times the negotiations got emotional and tenuous but Ellie, being the pro that she is, was careful to counsel us on how to continue to navigate through the difficult time and reach productive compromises that were fair and equitable. Point being, everyone's lives are changed significantly in a divorce and the sooner the two sides accept that things will be different for them going forward, the better...
Brian S.

...I was referred by my marriage counselor, who had heard good things about her service. He was completely right. Ellie was very kind and considerate from beginning to end, providing clear instructions, giving us time to work on issues on our own or together and helping us work through the tough decisions. I was very happy with her candid and calm explanations, which were clearly gained through many years of experience. She helped us both better understand how to work together and accept middle ground to finalize our divorce. She saved me a ton of money that I would have spent on hiring several lawyers between us. An acquaintance of mine is going to be filing for divorce soon, so I am definitely going to suggest he contact Ellie. Thank you so much Ellie and Billie.
Dan S.

...Within two hours, Ellie Tipton Ortiz successfully guided my ex-husband and me through our differences and we were able to reach mutual agreements on numerous issues. She eliminated the need for court appearances and filed all of our court documents, saving us thousands of dollars and months of legal red tape and stress. Her professional and tactful demeanor will earn the trust of the most difficult of clients...
Kristen Wiggins Newport Beach, Ca

Ellie made the divorce process much easier than I ever expected. My ex-husband and I both feel good about our agreement and are so thankful we didn't have to get attorneys involved. Thank you Ellie!!