Divorce Mediation Services that help spouses facing varying circumstances feel satisfied with  reasonable agreements they reach together

​Specifically, Ellie fosters open communication between spouses to establish the same base of information, brainstorms ideas, ensures that expectations are realistic, nurtures empathy, and provides clarity within the decision-making process. ​  Ellie’s compassionate approach formulates a respectful relationship between spouses that is beneficial to all those involved. In addition to attentive timely service Ellie also provides her clients with affordable pricing. While divorce mediation can cost upwards of $5,000 before any work has begun, Ellie offers a $3000 up front flat fee or a $500 monthly payment plan.

Why Choose Ellie as your Divorce Mediator? 
As a mediator, Ellie assists the divorcing couple in formulating ideas, which can eventually lead to agreements that will stand the test of time. Sometimes agreements come easy, and sometimes they take a lot of work. Generally, a mediator intervenes when agreements are hard to reach. 


The Mediator

How doparents benefit from divorce mediation?
The flexibility of mediation gives you and your spouse a way to settle your differences while working together as parents. The creation of a respectful parenting relationship will serve you and your children as you make the inevitable decisions that come with raising a family. Whatever faults in communication that may have existed earlier in the relationship are improved through the mediation process, eventually making post-divorce relationships more harmonious than before. 

The Mediator

How long does divorce mediation take? 

The length of the mediation process depends most importantly upon the willingness of both spouses to reach an equitable agreement, as well as the complexity of the issues that need to be discussed. On average, divorce mediation can be completed in 6-10 sessions. However, Ellie has formed an unprecedented mediated process that typically delivers spouses success in one session.

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What is the difference between a litigated divorce​​ and a mediated divorce?

​​A litigated divorce cost $20,000-$60,000 and generally takes 18 months to settle. Because the court process can be exceedingly convoluted, it typically cultivates an atmosphere of negativity and emotional upheaval. Moreover, a litigated divorce is extremely public since any individual can sit in the courtroom and hear the specifics of your divorce case.

​​​​Conversely, a mediated divorce generally costs $5,000 and is settled in less than 90 days. Spouses who choose mediation usually feel satisfied with the reasonable agreements they reached together. Furthermore, your privacy is paramount in a mediated divorce. This is because mediation takes place outside of a public courtroom, which allows for the process to be entirely confidential.

What is divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation allows for both spouses to collectively decide on the outcome of their own divorce. In mediation, you and your spouse meet with a neutral third party (the mediator), who is there to help each of you resolve issues so that your marriage may end as amicably as possible.

Because mediation promotes open lines of communication between spouses, the mediated divorce process moves quickly and often saves clients from expensive litigation fees.

Mediation is voluntary. It is yours to structure. You decide everything in the process.